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Curated by D.J. Pitsiladis, Tasseography

Have you ever wanted to forecast your future? Nowadays, there are plenty of methods to divine what awaits you, such as tarot cards, palm reading, astrology, or scrying. One still frequently used involves a refreshing beverage and a little meditation. For this issue's Nightmare Fuel, we look at tasseography. Tasseography is a divination method where someone sees a person's future, fate, or destiny by reading the dregs of a person's cup or glass. Read the full article in Horror Curated: Bloody Tea.

Photo by Alessio Zaccaria.
Curated by D.J. Pitsiladis, Krampus

"I'm sure that everyone in the world is familiar with Santa Claus. He is the embodiment of the giving nature of the holidays. As some of you may also know from pop culture, there is an opposite to the jolly old elf. For this issue's Nightmare Fuel, we look at the anti-Santa Claus, Krampus.

According to central European legend, Krampus is a half-goat and half-demon with a long tongue who carries a switch or whip and a basket on his back. He whips the wicked children, sometimes carrying them away in his basket for more punishment or to be eaten later." Read the full article in Horror Curated.