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The creators of A Winter's Tale, Cliff Biggers, Charles R. Rutledge, and James R. Tuck, were inspired to create their anthology of Yuletide Horror because they enjoyed reading the super Valancourt collections of Victorian Christmas ghost stories. They called on some of the talented writers they know to contribute and bring the tradition back. I got to discuss the book, his favorite horror esthetic, and Edgar Allan Poe with Cliff, one of the editors and the author of our featured story this month, "Who Wouldn’t Go."

Cliff Biggers has been a writer of comics, Fantasy, Horror, and nonfiction for almost fifty years, beginning with his work with Jim Steranko's Mediascene in the 1970s. His Horror fiction has appeared in a number of anthologies and magazines. Read the full interview with Cliff in Horror Curated.
"Who Wouldn't Go" by Cliff Biggers

Andrew missed Grandma Bess's voice. The Christmas songs had never been the same after he broke her three years ago. It was an accident, of course. The delicate glass ornaments seemed to become more fragile with each passing year, and hers was one of the oldest. Metallized blue finish with a flocked white snowflake pattern stenciled on front and back. He remembered seeing it on his grandmother's tree when he was five years old. When she died and the family was laying claim to various belongings of hers, he spent an hour rummaging around idly, disinterested in the furnishings and silverware and jewelry that so fascinated the others. When he saw the box labeled "Christmas," he knew what his choice would be.

The next Christmas, he placed her ornament in a position of prominence. It helped him to remember Grandma Bess the way she had been before old age and dementia had taken her away little by little. By the end, she couldn’t carry on a conversation. What she could do, though, was sing. Her memory of names and events may have been taken from her, but those songs were so anchored in her mind that every time she heard a song she liked, she would sing in her beautiful voice. And Christmas songs were her favorite. Read the full excerpt of A Winter's Tale in Horror Curated.
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