emzbox.com....The Offical Website Of Writer Emerian Rich Characters from Nightís Knights in alphabetical order, main characters in red:

Adam, jerk who tries to push himself on Kristine
Annabella, oldest vampire
Artesmia, Julienís maker
Billy, Jr. coach driver under Markham
Caroline, Julienís sister
Carolyn, Kristineís boss
Catholic Killer, Severinaís first kill
Cherry, lead singer of a band and Kristineís friend
Cowhand at Masonbrick, Jimmy Masonís farm
Craig, Fratboy and Martinís mate
Dan, new bartender at Seduction, and the guy who Jespa goes home with
Defano Twins, girls Craig sleeps with
Delany, Jespaís ex-friend
Drunkard at Seduction, Jespaís workplace
Evil coach robber who kills Markham
Jack, coach driver who is in on robberies
Jake Bush, Samís assistant
Jay, Cherryís boyfriend
Jeanie, Markhamís love
Jeanieís mom
Jespa, tough street chick from San Francisco
Jimmy Mason, rancher from San Antonio
Jimmyís crazy uncle who saw phantom cows out in the pasture
Jimmyís mom
Jimmyís sister
Johnathan II, Julienís brother
Julien Titian, vampire from England
Julienís mother
Kristine, unhappy retail clerk in San Francisco
Kristineís mom
Little girl in Julienís tale
Little Jespa, in Jespaís dream
Little Southern girl in Jespaís dream
Lois Lewis, Victotriaís mom
Lord Johnathan Richard
Male Servant, Julienís castle
Markham OíLeary, vampire from old west/Ireland
Martin, High class snob and Danís roommate
Mary OíLeary, Markhamís mother
Michael, Timís mate
Old Italian man who pays Julien to paint a fresco
Partick OíLeary, Markhamís brother
Polk St. Movie Buff
Rafe, Jespa ex-boyfriend
Renata, Severinaís little sis
Rosa, ugly vampire woman in Brazil
Sam Kellerman, Investigator
Sandro, head of the vampireís in Brazil
Servant girl, Julienís castle
Severina Santos, vampire from Brazil
Sim, owner of Seduction nightclub
Tim, eternally upbeat friend of Martinís
Timothy, Artesmiaís child, evil
Tommy Lewis, Victoriaís dad
Victoria Lewis, Tlingit girl from Alaska
Vinicius, male vampire in Brazil
Woman from church, Severina saves her