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Newest Reading!
SEARCH Magazine, Winter 2017
Nov 2017
Featuring Emerian's articles
Dusk's Warriors
October 2017
Emerian's Vampire Novel
Horror Bites: Alice's Scars
Sept 2017
Emerian was consulting editor.
Depraved Desires
Announced Aug 2017
Featuring Emerian's horror-erotica tale, "Beauty Box"
SEARCH Magazine, Fall 2017
Aug 2017
Featuring Emerian's articles
SEARCH Magazine, Summer 2017
May 2017
Featuring Emerian's articles
Clockwork Wonderland
May 2017
Featuring Emerian's "Midnight Dance" and "Hatter's Warning"
The Sirens Call Magazine #31
Feb 2017
Emerian is the featured artist in this issue.
SEARCH Magazine, Spring 2017
Feb 2017
Featuring Emerian's articles
WiHM Write Her Story
Feb 2017
Featuring Emerian's "Replaced"
Meant to Be...MINE
January 2017
Featuring Emerian's "That Feeling"
SEARCH Magazine, Winter 2016
December 2016
A magazine featuring Emerian's articles.
Mr. Kiwi
December 2016
Children's book formatted by Emerian.
Self Promo Stories
November 2016
Featuring Emerian's article, "Building Your Readership from Your Office Chair"
Dark Dreams
November 2016
Featuring Emerian's story, "Vampire Therapy"
SEARCH Magazine, Fall 2016
September 2016
A magazine featuring Emerian's articles.
Lord Harrington's Lost Doe
August 2016
Emerian's first Regency novella
SEARCH Magazine, Summer 2016
July 2016
A magazine featuring Emerian's articles.
June 2016
Non-fiction article "How the Forgotten Angels Saved My Life"
Cherry Nose Armageddon
May 2016
Horror poem "Sookie the Clown"
Once Upon a Scream
April 2016
Horror short "Wax Shadow"
Wicked Gardens
April 2016
Horror short "The Rose Garden"
SEARCH Magazine, Spring 2016
April 2016
A magazine featuring Emerian's articles.
Sirens Call eZine #25: Things That Go Bump in the Night
Mar 2016
eZine featuring Emerian's short "Becoming"
Gothic & Fantasy Adult Coloring Book
Feb 2016
A coloring book of Emerian's art
Shadow People and Cursed Objects
Jan 2016
Horror short "Bye, Bye, Blackbird"
Robert W. Malloy's Journal
Dec 2015
A Sweet Dreams Novellette - In Rob's Point of View.