h o r r o r . a d d i c t s
The history of HorrorAddicts.net is one that starts in 2008. After Emerian Rich finished the podcasting of her vampire novel, Night's Knights, she wanted to keep her listeners interested with a show that talked about what they liked, horror. She knew the sequel to Night's Knights would be a long time coming and didn't want to lose contact with the listeners that she had come to feel a kinship with. She had been podcasting since 2007 and ran a jaded office-related cast called Office Angst, but her horror fans were craving more.

So, in July of 2008, she told her husband that she was going to start a horror podcast like no other. This one would be unlike the hundreds of horror shows out there that just focused on movies and scream queens. This podcast would be about the entire lifestyle of horror. From books, to fashion, to music and TV, this new show would encompass everything horror addicts love. Her husband sat back as he often does when Emz starts spouting off crazy insane ideas with so much energy she's practically floating and nodded sagely.

"Sounds good," he said. "And if it doesn't do well, you can always stop."

"Yeah." But Emz had no intention of letting this massive idea--this inspiring, electric-charged idea--die. Her listeners, thankfully, felt the same way.

Emerian's first set of guests were authors and podcasters who were friends. Jeff Carlson, Mike Bennett, Mark Eller, Michele Roger, and more offered their tales up to Emz' listeners for approval. The cast in the beginning was small. Emz didn't have any staff and doing it all on her own, she did what she could with the limited resources she possessed, thinking maybe someday like-minded people would join her.

Soon after Season one, the listeners started making the show their own, by writing in, asking for content and volunteering to be on staff. That was when Emz realized that this thing she had created was not her own. It was a large snowball, started at the top of the hill, which was about to bowl her over!

And snowball it did! With every listener, author, staff member, HorrorAddicts.net has grown. What was at first a small podcast with a little Ning group forum has now become HorrorAddicts.net , podcast, blog, and publisher, with nine staff, a handful of reviewers, and thousands of fans across the globe.

However, no matter how tall or wide the snowball gets, it is first and foremost an entity that is run by horror addicts, for horror addicts.