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Frequently Asked Questions About Emerian Rich

Q: Where can I find her newest work?
A: Click on NEW.

Q: What inspires Emerian to write her dark tales?
A: “A lot of my stories come from dreams I’ve had. Music and art also inspire me. When I hear a song I like, I think of a whole storyline around it. When I was a teen, I use to map out video scenes for my favorite songs. Sometimes when I look at those beautiful old paintings by John William Waterhouse and Jacques Louis David I feel like I’m viewing a real scene, I feel like I can step into the portrait. That is what inspires great writing.”

Q: Where can I meet Emerian in person?
A: Check out her EVENTS.

Q: Where can I find out what Emerian is working on right now?
A: For upcoming works and word counts, check out her Emz Unplugged blog.

Q: Is Emerian still the Editor of the Dark Lives ‘zine and how can I get a copy of the latest issue?
A. No, Dark Lives closed it's doors at the end of 2007 after a ten year run. Back issues may still be available, contact Emerian to order.

Q: Does Emerian have any plans to do more non-fiction articles like her “City Angst” work for baythang.com?
A: Although baythang.com has ceased to be, the feedback she received from her cynical articles was positive. She created the podcast Office Angst in 2007 and it ran well into 2008. She has switched gears and concentrates on mostly fiction now.