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I am NOT a hair care professional.

I get asked 5-7 times a week how I dye my hair. I don't mind people asking at all.
However, instead of trying to write all the products I use on a post-it, sales receipt, or whatever other piece of scrap I have in my purse, I've decided to make a page.
For all of you that have come here for hair dying answers, welcome!
Don't forget that these products work for me. They may not work for you. Dying your hair is all about trial and error. I had to experiment alot before I found the perfect way to dye my hair.
So try it and try it again until you get it right for you.

It's usually important to bleach your hair before you dye it. Unless you have pure white or pale blonde hair, the color won't stay unless it has a fresh bleached surface to cling to.

To bleach my hair, I use 40 Cream Developer.

And powder bleach.

Take a little of each product and mix them together. You can experiement or ask for help from the beauty supply store people. For me, it works best if it is the consistency of cool whip. Then put it on your hair. If it stings a little, that's ok. If it stings so bad you can't handle it, you start getting bumps or rash or it steams, you should probably rinse it off right away! That usually means that you got the mixture wrong or you could be allergic to the products. Since I dye my hair all the time, I have to leave the bleach on longer than suggested. If you have virgin hair (never dyed before), after you put the dye on, it should start lightening right away. If you always dye your hair - especially if you dye it a dark color like black, you might need to leave it on longer.

After you have washed out all the bleach, you apply the punk dye. I've used all types. There are good ones and bad ones and everything in between. I don't like Manic Manic, Punky Color, RAW, or many others I can't even remember. Special Effects is the best dye. First, it smells good. Most of them have a cotton candy or blue berry sort of smell. Other dyes have smelled like lice shampoo, overly chemical, or just plain stinky! Also, I found that the most popular dye, Manic Panic, tended not to last, became uneven, and even dried out my hair so it felt like straw. Special Effects does none of those things.

I buy my Special Effects hair dye from: www.bewild.com

If you are doing your whole head, you will need to dye it for the allotted time on the bottle and then rinse it. It might stain your hands and/or sink/shower. If you are doing strips, you can do the same, or you can leave it on for an extended time. Because I usually only dye my bangs (and I am so busy I like to multi-task), I usually comb in the dye right before bed. I take a thin comb and comb in the punk dye, slicking my bangs back on top of my head. Then I will put a bandana over the wet hair dye and go to sleep. I do sometimes wake with dye on my pillow or on my face - which is a danger of doing it this way. But- the next morning I can just get up and shower and the dye has worked while I slept. See some of the colors results below.